Due to increased No-Shows, our cancellation policy has changed.  Please provide at least 24-hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a scan.  This allows us enough time to fill appointments or send our technician home.  Any 24-hour notice will not require a credit card to reserve a re-scheduled time slot.

**However, late cancellations will be required to provide a credit card to reserve a re-scheduled time slot.  If that appointment is missed, the credit card will be charged $30.00, to cover our technician's time.

Hours for Appointments:

Two or three days each week, one evening every week and every Saturday.  Never Friday after 12:00 and no Sundays or holidays.

Lancaster, PA...Serving Southern PA and the York Area. Convenient to Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware

Our shop is located on Columbia Avenue, between Turkey Hill and Arby's in a small strip mall.  Same side of the road as Arby's and next to Miracles Consignment Shop.

We are the leader because:

  • We offer a 10% Military AND First Responders Discount

  • We offer free rechecks if your baby is uncooperative at the first visit.

  • Twins do not cost more but you will get a few more pictures.

  • Session times are an estimated video length. We will always do our best to give you the exact length quoted.

  • Be careful if you choose a company because they offer 100% accuracy. No gender can be 100% accurate because all technicians have made at least one bad call. All genders are truly educated guesses.

  • We only use intermittent sound waves so your baby's health and safety is kept a priority! Lengthening the scan time only makes mother and baby more tired.

** Important HD Information **

HD enhancement can be added to any 3D/4D package conducted between 26-34 weeks. We will NOT perform paid HD on any scans conducted before 26 weeks as the HD enhancement does not work well at lower gestational weeks. We include a one or two HD pictures in every package but if you want us to stay in HD, an additional $35.00 for HD will be added to your 3D/4D package price, as selected.

Our Location

Phones are covered Monday through Saturday, from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm. Our scans are scheduled by appointments. 


Currently, we do not schedule any appointments for Sundays, since our technicians need time off for their family and faith.


If you do not get us on your first try, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. We are a small business and could be with clients when you call, so a message would be helpful.

3047 Columbia Ave.

Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 394-4447

To schedule an appointment

call: 717-394-4447

Email: info@wombwithaview.com

We can schedule to accommodate you

and your family's availability including

evenings and Saturdays.

Our location has couches and many chairs to accomodate large families and groups of friends. We do not limit the number of people that you can invite, but if more than 15 in your group an advance notice would be appreciated.

Our "Mommy and Me Mall" has maternity, baby shower and newborn must haves for purchase. We have Heartbeat animals, Bellybuds, Ultrasound Frames, Burp Towels, Blankets, Baby Clothing and much more. 


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Gender Only, Please (Gender Only) ...  $65.00 plus tax 

 This package can be offered between weeks 16-24.  

Package includes:

  • Gender - YES! unless not desired.  We can also do gender reveals where we put the gender picture in an envelope for later reveal.

  • 2D only, no HD enhancement and this package is not available            after 24 weeks.

  • 5-10 minute 2D session (time depends on if baby is cooperative).

  • No video and no flash drive of pictures.

  • Two prints in Black and White, only.

  • No recheck even if gender is not absolute.

  • Upgrade discount is available with this package, but not as great of a discount, due to low initial cost.

Pink or Blue (Gender Determination) ... $95.00 plus tax 

This package can be offered between weeks 16-24. Offer of free recheck will not be extended to visits conducted before 16 weeks. HD enhancement not available on this package. This package is also not available after 24 weeks.

Package includes:

  • Gender - YES! unless not desired.  We can also do gender reveals where we put the gender picture in an envelope for later reveal.

  • 15 minute 2D session (3D/4D with a quick HD look included if baby is cooperative).

  • Flash drive with video of ultrasound and ALL pictures obtained.

  • 6 prints (2+ B/W and the rest in color).

  • Video upload to cloud for easy sharing with family and friends (as long as client's email is provided).  Accessible for one year.

  • Free recheck if baby is not cooperative.

  • Free "Thank You" goodie bag.

  • Return Visit Upgrade at a HUGE discount!

U-Pick ... $125.00 plus tax (Add $50.00 for HD enhancement if desired)  Visit offered between weeks 26 and 34.

Package includes:

  • 15 minute 2D/3D/4D (and a quick HD look) session.

  • Flash Drive with either the video of ultrasound OR all images in JPG format.

  • If all the pictures are desired, you will also get 2-4 AVI files on the drive.

  • 8 color prints (estimated 2x4 in size).

  • Free "Thank You" goodie bag.

  • Additional visits at a HUGE discount!

U-C-ME 3D/4D Ultrasound Package ... $170.00 plus tax (Add $50.00 for HD if desired)  Visit offered between 26-34 weeks

Package includes:

  • 30-minute 3D/4D (and a quick HD look) session.

  • Video of ultrasound on a flash drive.

  • All still images on a flash drive (we never limit the amount of images but always strive to obtain between 30-70 images).

  • 8 Color printed pictures (estimated 2x4 in size) .

  • Video upload to cloud for easy sharing with family and friends.  Accessible for one year. (As long as the client's email is provided)

  • Free "Thank You" goodie bag.

  • Additional visits at a HUGE discount!

Midwife Special ... $70.00 plus tax 

We suggest to be between weeks 16-24. This package only available with a midwife referral.  HD enhancement not available on this package.

Package includes:

  • 10 minute 2D only session with no video.

  • 2 large prints on thermal paper (2D; Black and White).

  • Non-diagnostic Observation Report sent to midwife upon request.  Report does not list weights or measurements (which are not obtained) but will list confirmation of  heart rate, number of babies in womb, direction of baby's head placement and possible gender.

  • Upgrade discount not available with this package.



Return Visit Upgrade ... $115.00 plus tax.  This package rewards you for returning during the same pregnancy. 

Did you come to us for your gender and now would like to return for 3D pictures? No worries. Our Upgrade gives you the U-C-Me package for a discounted rate of $115.00 as of 05/01/18. Our upgrade is offered to clients that purchased the Pink or Blue package at their gender determination visit.  Visit to be conducted during the same pregnancy as the gender visit. HD enhancement can be added for an additional $50.00 plus tax.  No coupon discounts are honored since the upgrade is heavily discounted already.

Our Packages