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Womb With A View® is an elective, limited, Non-diagnostic Service, NOT covered by insurance.

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The Ultimate 3D/4D Ultrasound Experience !

About Us

Womb With a View® is a family owned business. After years of searching for a meaningful and worthy business opportunity, the original owners opened the doors of Womb With a View® in Allentown, PA April of 2003. Since then, the business has expanded to include franchise locations throughout Pennsylvania. Though locations in other states had started, each one decided to go out on their own which resulted in them closing their doors. There is safety in numbers and an advantage to staying in a pack. Tim and Susan Stirling purchased the business in the spring of 2007 and have forged ahead with the goal to have franchise locations all over the United States. It is their desire that families everywhere experience the ultimate in 3D imaging. They bring to this new organization over 50 years of business ownership, customer service and management experience.

Womb With a View® was founded on three key principles:

We will give our clients joyful memories.

We believe in pampering our expecting mothers and their guests. We present to parents the opportunity to bond with their babies through the caring creation of 3D ultrasound images and 4D video of the developing baby. We will provide a mother-centered environment that focuses exclusively on the needs of the family without the interference of time-constraints, the complicating issues of medical insurance, or the need for a full bladder. During the course of this amazing, educational, and emotional experience, Womb With A View® encourages maternal well-being and fetal health.

We will encourage healthy choices during pregnancy.

We will actively promote prenatal care for the mother and child. Through the provision of 3D/4D photographs and videos, we will enable our mothers to bond and better understand the need for appropriate prenatal care for both the mother and the developing baby. We do not and will not take the place of prenatal care or medical services. Womb With a View® requires that all clients be under the active care of a physician or midwife. We offer only supplemental services, to include the determination of gender, an estimate of the fetal heart rate, and the determination of the position of the baby at time of imaging.

We will have happy employees, owners, and franchisees.

We will function cooperatively and collectively with high morale for all. We believe in training our employees and franchisees well and keeping their training up-to-date. Knowledgeable employees and franchisees are more engaged in their buisiness which helps build a professional, skilled and committed team.


The Ultimate 3D/4D Ultrasound Experience !


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