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Something for Everybody.

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Womb With a View is a family owned business that meets families expectations with their state-of-the-art HD ultrasound machine and family focused business. From the moment you step into the lobby, you can see that the family is our focus and meeting your expectations is our aim. Though we can not meet every expectation, we strive to meet as many as possible. Examples of our images hang on the walls along with featured local photographers' work.

Our lobby is set up for easy check-in, whether our technician is up front or back in the scan room with other clients. The lobby not only has lots of chairs for family and friends, but it also has a fish tank to entertain children of all ages. The "Mommy & Me Shop" is right in the lobby area for ease of browsing and shopping while waiting for your scan. We showcase items for the newborn and some for Mom-to-be. Not only do we carry a wide range of Heartbeat Animals and Announcement Ultrasound cards, but we have many Diaper Shirts, Socks, Hats, "First" Ornaments, Stuffed Animals, Picture Frames, Lockets, Nursing Covers and too many other items to mention. It is a great place to shop for baby shower ideas and items. We know that sometimes the younger siblings feel left out, so we also offer a sibling corner with toys, stuffed animals and "Big Sister/Brother" items. Many of the toys are suitable for children age 3+ and are less than $5.00 each.

Once it is your turn to see your baby in our scan room, you will walk into a room that can easily hold 20 people where all have a great view of your baby projected on the wall in front of them. We make sure that our room has a home-like feeling by including fresh sheets (for each client) on the table, a "Daddy's Chair" next to the table, couches, toys for the children to play with and plenty of chairs for guest. When the scan is completed, we have a free goodie bag for the Mom-to-be and other free new hand-made donated items such as hats, blankets or outfits offered depending upon the type of package purchased. We also have free stickers for the other children in the room. We believe in treating your family and friends to the best possible experience and have since 2007. Here at Womb With a View, we something for everyone and pride ourself on giving you the experience that you deserve.

Thank you for trusting us with your most precious time and family.


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