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Womb With a View, Your Family Outing

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Womb With a View is a family owned, family oriented business. We strive hard to create an enviroment that not only invites families but encourages them to see their baby with us.

We are located at 3047 Columbia Ave., in Western Corners Shopping Center between Turkey Hill and Arby's.

Front view of our location

Why don't we look like doctor's offices?

Our clients see doctors enough already. We want our clients experiences to be enjoyable, comfortable and inviting to their families. We have large rooms with couches and chairs that can easily seat 12 people without adding more chairs. We keep extra chairs in the hallway for easy access and easy inclusion into our rooms. Both scan rooms have toys in them for little ones (in your group) to enjoy. Scan Room #2 projects the ultrasound images onto the wall over the toy area and Scan Room #1 has one large TV and several smaller TVs for easy viewing anywhere in the room.

Photo Ops:

There are several opportunities to have your own photo op inside our facility. Just ask your technician for ideas or help and we will be happy to make this your special experience. Don't forget that we also allow you to take your own photos, videos and to Snap Chat or FaceTime while in your appointment.

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