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Genders, Pictures & Baby Shower Gifts!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Womb With a View is a non-diagnostic company that specializes in genders (as early as 16 weeks) and 3D/HD pictures. But did you know that we also have a retail shop with baby shower gifts for Mom, Baby and even the expecting Dad. We also have many selections for less than $20 and some starting as little as $3.50 each. Keep us in mind for those unique baby showers gifts.

Number One in Genders

Our gender packages can be performed as early as 16 weeks gestation. This is normally earlier than most doctors and at a time that we feel most confident. We perform over 80 genders a month, and usually miscall less than 1% of our total yearly determinations.

Our technicians "read" the blood flow in the gender area to determine the gender of the baby. The blood flow technique is less accurate if used before 16 weeks. gestation.

3D is common. HD is cutting edge!

We have all seen the 2D and 3D images that elective ultrasound companies produce. Some companies talk about 4D, but we all do 4D since that is just LIVE video. But have you seen HD imaging? HD is no extra sound waves, but instead just a computer setting that adjust the 3D image into a High Definition image. HD imaging is not offered at every ultrasound business but is only available on the newer machines.

HD image. The realistic coloring helps the depth differences on a baby's face and in most cases is easier to understand.

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