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Fun Facts You Didn't Know

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Did you know ...

  1. Teeth are bones and can be seen under the gums of a fetus during the ultrasound even though they will not break the skin's surface until six months after birth.

  2. Hair grows due to science and science can decipher the mystery of heartburn during pregnancy. Science states that two factors have to be present for hair to grow on the scalp of a fetus. Those two factors are: blood flow to the hair follicles and estrogen. The one thing that most Caucasian women can not tolerate is an extra production of estrogen. It gives them heartburn. So, "the more the hair the more the heartburn" is actually science based.

  3. You can actually see long hair, on a fetus, floating in the amitotic fluid during an ultrasound. You can also see long eyelashes.

  4. Men are always the determining factor with gender. This is because women have "non-sexual" eggs but men have two different types of sperm, male and female. It is the sperm that reaches the egg first and penetrates it that fertilizes it which determines the gender of the baby.

  5. There was a case study that determined that Caffeine seems to help decide gender. The study looked at fathers (only) over a 20 year period, the amount of ALL caffeine that they consumed and the genders of the children that they fathered. In the participants studied, it was determined that caffeine played a part in a higher female output. The study realized that since male sperm swim fast, and male sperm on caffeine swim twice as fast, then male sperm did reach the egg much faster than female sperm but were too exhausted to penetrate the egg. They then slept next to the egg and died in their sleep. The study seemed to prove true in that in 85% of the time the participates could increase their percentage of male offspring by eliminating caffeine during conception. However, there are still many variables that can offset that percentage.

  6. Babies usually start practice breathing at 24 weeks gestation and can be seen doing it during an ultrasound.

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