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8K - What is it, who offers it and what is the average cost?

Have you heard about 8K?

It is the newest photo enhancement technology capable of using your 3D or HD ultrasound image to transform it into a life-like picture with enhanced detail of your baby. This technology is an enhancement (a manipulation of an already existing 3D or HD image of your baby). Most ultrasound businesses that offer the 8K technology are actually getting your permission to send your picture off to a third party (that owns the rights to the technology) for their transformation of your photo. You can actually contact the 8K company yourself, for a fee, and receive your 8K photo from that third party company. These companies request that up upload the best quality picture of all the ones you have, pay for the process and then get your new 8K photo in a fairly short turn-around time frame. Though 8K companies charge different prices, the average is $20-$40 for one photo, depending on how much "enhancement" (or manipulation) is needed to clean up the photo. You send your photo file to them in jpeg format by email and receive your new 8K photo back in jpeg format via email.

The following links goes straight to an 8K company that you could use. 8k Ultrasound Image Enhancement - realistic images of your baby ( or 8K Ultrasound – These links do NOT constitute an endorsement of these companies, but rather two options of many out there. Please do due diligence with your research and pick the one most suited for your picture and your needs.

We believe in sharing with our clients options that we do not offer but can be obtained through your research. Enjoy.

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