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Naming Your Baby in 2022

Your precious bundle is on it's way. Your choice of doctor and labor service has been chosen. The doctor visits have been scheduled. Family and friends have been told. The shower gift list has been made and you might even know the gender of your sweet baby. Now, in the months ahead of waiting you've got time to think of a name. The most important part of your baby's whole life, the name it will carry, is in your hands.

You have probably started the process of setting a few naming guidelines so as to narrow your choices to a few hundred instead of a few million. By now you have looked at the most common ways of naming a baby: Traditional, Lineage/Genealogy, Combination of names and Trending. Traditional names can be made up of common names whether biblical or cultural. Lineage/Genealogy names are those that are used to honor a member in the family (whether recent or many generations back). Combination names are sometimes the most interesting since their pronunciation is usually up to you. These can be the hardest ones for the baby to grow up with if the pronunciation is unusual or doesn't follow the normal phonetically rules. Trending are those names that are found in Movies, Books and List like this one.

Also remember that there are naming laws that restrict the names that parents can legally give to their children, usually to protect the child from being given an offensive or embarrassing name. Many countries around the world have such laws, with most governing the meaning of the name, while some only govern the scripts in which it is written. Restrictions vary by state, and most are imposed for the sake of practicality. For example, several states limit the number of characters in a name, due to limitations in the software used for official record keeping. For similar reasons, some states ban the use of numerals or pictograms. A few states ban the use of obscenities. Conversely, a few states, such as Kentucky, have no naming laws whatsoever. Courts have interpreted the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment as generally supporting the traditional parental right to choose their children's names.

So, all that being stated, this year (2022) the 50 most popular or trending names are as follows:


  1. Olivia Noah

  2. Emma Liam

  3. Amelia Oliver

  4. Ava Elijah

  5. Sophia Gold

  6. Isabella Lucas

  7. Luna Mateo

  8. Mia Levi

  9. Charlotte Asher

  10. Evelyn Ethan

  11. Harper Luca

  12. Ella James

  13. Aurora Leo

  14. Scarlett Grayson

  15. Gianna Aiden

  16. Nova Ezra

  17. Aria Benjamin

  18. Mila Henry

  19. Sofia Sabastian

  20. Ellie Wyatt

  21. Violet Owen

  22. Willow Mason

  23. Layla Jackson

  24. Lily Jack

  25. Camila Alexander

  26. Hazel Daniel

  27. Avery Hudson

  28. Chloe Kia

  29. Penelope Gabriel

  30. Eliana Muhammad

  31. Elena Carter

  32. Isla William

  33. Eleanor Maverick

  34. Abigail Logan

  35. Elizabeth Michael

  36. Nora Samuel

  37. Riley Ezekiel

  38. Ivy Jayden

  39. Emily Luke

  40. Grace Josiah

  41. Paisley Lincoln

  42. Zoey David

  43. Stella Theo

  44. Emilia Elias

  45. Everly Julian

  46. Maya Jacob

  47. Leilani Theodore

  48. Naomi Waylon

  49. Lucy Matthew

  50. Athena Jaxon

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William Shakespeare uses this line in his play Romeo and Juliet to convey that the naming of things is irrelevant. But are they? A baby's name will be with it for all it's life and that child will be known by it's name. Take your time and good luck. Try out the name. Write it down, sound it out and think about the school yard bullies as you also think about the statement your child will be making every time they say their name.

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