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Gender Accuracy

Why is Womb With A View's gender accuracy not at 100%. Simple answer, because every technician (every technician) misses at least one gender call and that means their percentage will never be 100%. If you have every played computer solitaire and failed one game, your percentage will never be 100% again, no matter how many games of solitaire you play. Same with gender accuracy.

Womb With a View has more than one technician that makes gender calls. The owner has been doing gender scans for over 12 years. Another WWAV technician has been doing gender scans for over 10 years. Womb With a View does on average about 60+ gender scans a month with around 700+ being completed per year. We usually collectively miss about four a year. When you think about it, four wrong calls out of over 700 scans a year makes an average of .0057%. That is less than 1/100 being wrong, meaning that for every 200 gender calls, we miss one. And those are documented wrong calls.

Sometimes a client will call us stating that we made a wrong call, but they will refuse to come in for a free recheck so we can document that the call was wrong. They instead want a refund. Just as in any other retail business, you can't get a refund if you refuse to bring in the damage product. Then, when we refuse a refund request because we can not authenticate the second gender prediction, our client gives us a scathing bad review. It has happened that we were told that a diagnostic technician made a different gender call than us and when our client came back in for the free recheck, the gender was exactly what we said it was and not what the diagnostic technician thought it was. We do follow the birth announcements and can substantiate both correct and incorrect gender predictions. Any bad call is a hurtful disappointment for Womb With a View because we know that we have confused and possibly sadden our client. We take each and every scan as the most important one for that day. We do these scans as a labor of love, and not because it gives us a financial return. We truly take pride in our customer service, our accuracy and our product.

Bottom line... review readers beware. There can be, and most times is, another side of the story. Though we are not able to please everyone all the time, we do our very best to please as many people as we can most of the time. This is a hard business and gender predictions are the hardest of all types of scans. If they were easy, more diagnostic technicians would do them at 16 weeks, like Womb With a View does rather than at 20-24 weeks when they are much easier. That is the number one reason that you don't see this type of business in every town or more than one in a town. We hope that this blog article has given the reader a deeper understanding of gender scans and their accuracy at Womb With a View.

Thank you for reading.

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