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Why Are Ultrasounds So Mysterious?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Since diagnostic ultrasounds are performed by licensed technicians following diagnostic protocols to obtain information regarding your baby, the technicians can not and should not devulge diagnostic information obtained during the scan. Non-diagnostic ultrasound businesses like Womb With a View employ trained technicians to obtain 2D, 3D and HD pictures for the enjoyment of their clients. Since the obtained images are used for enjoyment, all information that is shared during the visit is researched documented information that any person could find on the internet. It shouldn't be specific to your baby, but instead be the "classic" or "norm" for babies in general.

Tricks to Decoding Your Ultrasound

The following information was taken from BabyGaga website and the full article can be read at

So how do you find enjoyment in the ultrasound images that you can't understand? By learnning a few basic rules. First: 2D ultrasounds are black and white images. Non-dense objects are black and depict fluid. Dense objects are white and depict either blood, bones or cartlidge. Fluid is in all organs, all muscles and fluid itself such as amniotic fluid, urine, spinal fluid and cerebral fluid.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Ultrasounds started in the 1950's and have developed into a commercial business:

  • 2D images in black and white help determine gender

  • 3D images and 4D video help family see their baby as humans

  • HD images allow family to see the baby with a more realistic skin tone

Non-diagnostic imaging business can not claim that all their pictures will turn out this great, but most strive to obtain the best possible images. Babies are all different with different temperments and different situations inside the womb.

Family Is Our Business

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