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2019 Enchanting Baby Names

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

23 Enchanting Fairy-Tale Names for Your New Baby

Borrowed from PARENTS | December 4, 2018 | By Melanie Weir

Names to Fit Your Special Gift


1. Ella – shorten rendition for Cinderella. In Norman-English, it means “beautiful fairy”

2. Titania – in a Shakespeare play, she is the queen of the fairies.

3. Belle – French word for beautiful

4. Aurora – This name, meaning “dawn,” came from the Roman goddess of the morning, and has been used as a given name since the Renaissance.

5. Amelia is a derivative of an old Germanic name that means “work.” Possible nicknames: Mia, Amy and Lia.

6. Amira is an Arabic name that literally means “princess.” It can be pronounced “a-MEE-ra” or “a-MY-ra.” If you choose the first pronunciation, nicknames can include Amy, Mira, and Mia; if the second, Maya would work well.

7. Lorelei – the name is actually taken from a German folktale about a mermaid who would lure sailors with her voice. The name itself means “alluring.” Lori is a good nickname for this name.

8. Irene – Irene was derived from the name of the Greek goddess of peace Eirene.

9. Alice – The name itself is both French and Germanic in origin, and means “of the noble sort.” Allie is a possible nickname for Alice.

10. Guinevere – Modernized versions of the name, which means “fair magical being,” include Gwendolyn, Gwyneth, Gwen, Jennifer, and Genevra, to name a few.

11. Tiana – It also has a fairy-tale meaning: If you go by the Slavic origins, the name Tiana means “fairy queen.” A possible nickname, Tia, also can mean “princess.”

12. Fey – The name Fey (and its various spellings) was derived from the Middle English word that literally means “fairy.” It also may be used as a nickname for “Faith.”

13. Sylvia – Sylvia, a derivative of the male name Silvius, roughly means “girl of the woods.” Some people choose to change it up a little with the name Sylvie, or use it as a nickname.


1. Jack – This classic boy’s name is derived from the biblical name John, meaning “God is gracious.”

2. Arthur – A wise hero from classic tales

3. This is a Medieval English derivative of the name “Robert,” which means “bright fame.” The best thing about this name is that it can be used for a boy or a girl!

4. Eric – The Nordic name Eric means “eternal ruler.” Another notable bearer of this name was “Eric the Red,” the explorer who discovered Greenland; several later Scandinavian kings held the name, too.

5. Caspian – The name was likely taken from the Caspian Sea. You could call a Caspian Cas for short, or perhaps even Cassie.

6. Morgan – Morgan (or, in some versions, Morgana) was the name of the powerful enchantress in the Arthurian Legends. The name itself could either mean “born of the sea” or “sea circle,” and is sometimes even used as a boys’ name! If you do the same, you could call him Mo for short.

7. Peter – The name itself is Greek in origin, and means “rock.” Peters sometimes shorten their names to Pete.

8. Philip – The name Philip means “friend of horses.” The most common nickname is Phil, but some people choose the more spritely Pip. (If you wanted a twist on the name, you could even use Felipe instead!)

9. Ivan – Ivan is the slavic version of John, derived from the same Greek origin. Most people today pronounce this name as “AYE-van,” but some choose to pronounce it as the more traditional “EE-vahn” instead.

10. Fable – This one is a little eccentric, but if you’re looking for a completely unique name for a baby boy or girl, you might consider Fable. It also sounds similar to the name Fabian, which was the name of a third-century pope.

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